Realise Your Mind Power

Whatever we plant in our mind, flourishes. Our workshop helps you unlock the limitless power of mind. We teach you proven methods and actionable techniques that will work like a GPS helps you reach your destination.

Take Away Points of Workshop

  • What is Power of the Mind
  • How to program your Mind for Success, Happiness, Health & Wealth
  • How to become a Conscious Parent ensuring Success and Happiness for the entire family
  • Real secrets of highly successful people
  • Art and science of goal setting and achievement
  • Managing negative emotions—anger, fear, worry and stress
  • Create a “YESSS, it’s Possible” mindset

Millionaire Mind Unlimited

Our two-day transformative, Millionaire Mind Unlimited workshop is all about creating “I am a money magnet” mindset within yourself. But it is not as easy as it sounds. Highly educated, talented, hardworking, and sincere people have failed to earn enough in their life. In this Workshop, you will learn the secret of becoming successfully rich. We will go into the roots, recall the money blueprint that you have been carrying in your mind all this while, and re-design your financial blueprint in a manner which will leave you attracting money.


Take Away Points of Workshop

  • Finding your current Money Blueprint type – whether success, mediocrity, or poverty
  • Change your current blueprint and recreate it for success
  • Discover how the rich keep growing their wealth
  • Learn how to make money work for you instead you working for money
  • Ways to sustain in any state of economy
  • Identify your true “purpose” for wealth
  • Most powerful money management principles
  • Create passive income streams which can give you utmost financial freedom

Super Student Unlimited

It is a 2-Day, 3 Hours per day, online practical workshop called SUPER STUDENT UNLIMITED, which will help your Child develop high self- esteem and confidence and will learn cutting edge techniques to achieve those goals. Children will experience an increase of 5% to 40% improvement in their academic scores and results in all areas of life.

What will Child Learn

  • Understand the human mind
  • Improve self-esteem and confidence
  • Improve academic and sports performance significantly
  • Deal with exam stress, peer pressure, addiction to technology etc.
  • Be happy and fulfilled student
  • How to Manage negative emotions —anger, fear, worry and stress

Creating a World Class Morning Routine

This is a 7-day, 1 hour a day life changing program – In this workshop, you will learn the 6-Step Morning Ritual followed by highly successful people on our planet. You will learn how to design a MORNING ROUTINE which will propel you to higher levels of Success and Happiness. All highly successful people (including billionaires) follow a well-designed morning routine.


Take Away Points of Workshop

  • Why a Morning Routine is crucial for Success and Happiness
  • What are the Powerful processes which constitute a World Class Morning Routine and
  • how to make them a part of your life?
  • How to create Effortless Success and add more Joy and Happiness through your
  • Morning Routine.
  • How to stay focused on your Goals, be highly productive and creative through your day.

Set and Manifest Your Goals

This is a 5-day, 1 hour a day life changing program -In this workshop you will learn how to set and manifest your goals faster than ever before.

What will Child Learn

  • Why Clarity of what you want in your life is important.
  • How to become Clear of what you want.
  • How to create mind tools such as a Goal Book, a Vision Board to focus on your goals.
  • How to make effective use of the mind tools to accelerate your Goal Achievement.
  • How to break limiting beliefs which are holding back you from manifesting your goals.