I knew what I wanted to do, but I didn’t know how. I was searching for a mentor who would guide me further with clarity and balance and would elevate my knowledge on practices on the subject. It was the year 2020 when I met Mr. Sunil Parekh, and I knew I found my mentor. Through his extensive teachings and mentorship, he equipped me to become a ‘Mind Power Trainer’, and showed me how to be a teacher and mentor to others. 


Our mission is “To enrich lives of a Hundred Million people with happiness, health, wealth & success by December 31, 2040. And we want to make it possible by helping them to live at higher vibrations with our Seminars, Webinars, Media Publications & our presence on Social Media.”



The Journey

sachin phutane

Despite a set career stretching 20 years in the manufacturing industry, I changed my profession and trained to become a Transformational Coach. Everything was going great, so why did I take this risk? Let me share my little story of finding my ‘WHY?’.

It was the year 2003 when for the first time, I learned a few techniques related to mind power. The exercise was to start writing down goals with timelines. I did these exercises diligently and they worked wonders for me. This was my first encounter with the power of the mind, and I was intrigued. To know more, I embarked on the journey of discovery and have never looked back.  

The Progress

I call myself the living example for mind power and manifestation because these techniques, which I learned and now teach, helped me achieve my personal & financial goals in the exact timeframe as I had visualized. 

The success of my personal experiments led me to read and research in the area of mind power, subconscious mind, spirituality, and science. When interwoven perfectly, these created harmony in my life. 

I then started sharing these techniques with my colleagues and friends and they too experienced desired results in their careers and lives. These moments helped me realize my ability to help individuals reach a level of success. And my new career path was clear. 

Inspiration behind LifeSadhana

I belong to a simple middle-class Indian family. My father has been my 1st role model. He always says, “Whatever you want to do, do it by giving your 100% effort. The result is not in your hands, but when you give your 100% you will get satisfaction.” 

This life lesson has had a great impact on my personal & professional life. The essence of my father’s teachings, ‘Sadhana’ (disciplined and dedicated practice), and my mentor’s trust, made me put my best foot forward to launch my training & consulting venture LifeSadhana.